Statistics indicate a high number of hospital admissions due to accidental overdosing. This leads to unnecessary ill-health, fatalities etc., additionally creating increased accounting expenditure in ongoing subsidised medication and hospital services. Furthermore, are we failing to observe DUE DILIGENCE and OH&S guidelines?

We need to be able to communicate with manufacturers BEFORE new or updated packaging goes to market.

Next way forward is to directly address the TGA to grant an enterprising panel of pharmacist-based advisory committee members and other relevant stakeholders the right to oversee, advise, then ultimately approve all packaging (new or upgrading of existing packaging) prior to final approval by the TGA before going to market.

I therefore feel that an alliance with Smart Prescription Packaging may be the most appropriate networking starting point for our Medicines Australia, PSA, CHF, Poisons Information Centre, Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care &/or NPS organizations. Then ultimately to approach the TGA in seeking their approval to commence discussions with drug manufacturers prior to TGA approval or upgrading of existing packaging.

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