1. Not enough room to put labels on some tablet packs, and also on eye/ear dropper bottles etc. This may otherwise have the effect of obliterating company details, cautionary / advisory information, barcodes, expiry and batch numbers. This may also lose patient trust in what MAY be perceived as information being ‘hidden on purpose’.


2.CMI logo to indicate if a CMI leaflet is enclosed e.g.
A/ If there is then the logo will be CMI along side it, and
B/ if it is not enclosed, then the logo will be in CMIredCrossacross it to instantly assist the pharmacist with counselling requirements.


3. PRODUCT NAME and STRENGTH to be on all SIX SIDES of the carton


4. Place bar-coding ideally on one of the long sides of each pack for
a/ easier scanning during dispensing procedures AND
b/ hopefully to avoid being inadvertently covered up by the dispensary label due to lack of room (depending on how well the manufacturer designs the pack facings to allow room for the label

5. Did I take my MEDICATION today?? Should I take another just in case….? CALENDAR PACKS for important medication e.g. Coumadin, Coversyl, etc. Patients who are on these medications are generally not well. The friendlier the packaging, the better outcome for the patient. How frequently might they be asking themselves: "Did I take my MEDICATION today?? Should I take another just in case….?"